Tamburi Mundi 2021 - "DIRECTIONS"

16. Internationales Festival für Rahmentrommeln (30.07. - 08.08.2021)

Aufgrund der anhaltenden pandemischen Lage war das diesjährige Tamburi Mundi Festival wieder ein Hybrid-Event. Was zunächst wie eine Einschränkung wirkte, entpuppte sich im Nachhinein als Erfolgskonzept. Denn durch die Integration der Online-Veranstaltungen ins Festivalprogramm konnten auch Menschen außerhalb Freiburgs und aus dem Ausland in den Kosmos der Rahmentrommel eintauchen  ...


Tamburi Mundi 2020 - "LIMITED EDITION"

15. Internationales Festival für Rahmentrommeln (31.07. - 09.08.2020)

Das diesjährige Tamburi Mundi Festival Anfang August in Freiburg war anders: eine „limited edition“  - dank Fördermittel von Land und Stadt in kürzester Zeit konzipiert -  mit Konzerten und Workshops im E-Werk und im Freiburger Mensagarten. Musiker*innen aus Freiburg, Deutschland, Belgien und Italien haben vor kleinem Publikum gespielt, dieses hat sich mit großem Applaus bedankt!

Gleichzeitig haben wir durch eine parallel laufende Online-Festival-Ausgabe „unlimited“ alle räumlichen Grenzen gesprengt und waren ...


Tamburi Mundi 2019 - "INTUITION"

Tamburi Mundi Festival 2019

14. Internationales Festival für Rahmentrommeln (26.07. - 04.08.2019)


Tamburi Mundi 2018 - "GROOVISTAN"

Poster_Tamburi Mundi 2018_Groovistan

13th International Frame Drume Festival (27.07. - 05.08.2018)

Musicians from Italy, Israel, Iran, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, England, Ireland, Portugal, the Netherlands and Syria went on a journey to “Groovistan”- the motto given out by festival director Murat Coşkun- accompanied by their exalted audience.  And it grooved quite a lot in these ten days!


Tamburi Mundi 2017 - "VISIONS"

Poster_Tamburi Mundi 2017_Visions

12th International Frame Drum Festival (28.07. - 06.08.2017)


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Tamburi Mundi 2016 - "ROOTS"

Poster_Tamburi Mundi 2016_Roots

11th International Frame Drum Festival (30.07. - 07.08.2016)


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Tamburi Mundi 2015 - ANNIVERSARY EDITION

Poster_Tamburi Mundi 2015

10th International Frame Drum Festival (01.08. - 09.08.2015)

The worldwide largest festival for frame drums ended in a very spectacular way. 43 concerts with renowned artists and more than 30 workshops to drum and sing together, inspired nearly 5000 drum fans out of the whole world.

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Tamburi Mundi 2014 - "RITUALS"

Poster_Tamburi Mundi 2014_Rituals

9th International Frame Drum Festival (02.08. - 10.08.2014)

The festival is over! Not long ago, the E-Werk was densely populated by colourful, cheerful and noisy participants. Now they are gone. Just shortly after the lecturers and artists had been brought to the train station or the airport, we received the first e-mails:“Thank you, once again it was wounderful!“ The drums are packed, the microphones are stored, the session corner is dismanteled- everything is like as if nothing had happened? Far wrong, for there happened a lot!

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Tamburi Mundi 2013

Poster_Tamburi Mundi 2013

8th International Frame Drum Festival (27.07. - 04.08.2013)

The frame drum festival Tamburi Mundi 2013 in its eighth edition remained true to its orientation to present most versatile frame drum traditions on stage, in workshops and in many spontaneous sessions taking place at the E-Werk. 

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Tamburi Mundi 2012

Poster_Tamburi Mundi 2012

7th International Frame Drum Festival (27.07. - 04.08.2012)

This year's frame drum festival has most certainly offered one of the most versatile programs since its beginning in 2006. And responsible for it was most likely this year's theme „Crossing Borders". Numerous musical and cultural borders were crossed while an extensive line overlapping programs was offered. The frame drums being sometimes more and other times less in the centre of the event. While the individual concerts were richer in contrast, each evening was provided with its own very special note.

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Tamburi Mundi 2011 - A successful dialog of rhythms

Poster_Tamburi Mundi 2011

6th Internationales Frame Drum Festival (31.07. - 07.08.2011)

I am extremely pleased with the success of the past frame drum festival. It was certainly one of the most exciting versions since the beginning of the Tamburi Mundi Festival. The continued co-operation between the artists was especially effective this past year with the „Festival on tour-project", already staged in spring at the Festspielhaus St. Pölten. An extensive program with drums, dance and vocals was performed with a colourful and lively variety of frame drums presented with humour and full of energy.

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Tamburi Mundi 2010 - "MINI EDITION"

Poster_Tamburi Mundi 2010

5th International Frame Drum Festival (04.08. - 08.08.2010)

In his own modest way, Murat Coskun had announced that the 5th international festival for frame drums would have to be postponed one year to 2011. Renovations in E-Werk, the venue of the 2008 and 2009 festivals prevented a festival in the usual big style. Therefore the "Tamburi Mundi Mini Edition 2010" as mini Event in the Wodan Hall? Far from it!

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