Articles of Association

Tamburi Mundi Freiburg e.V. - International Frame Drum Association

  • § 1 Name and Seat
    1. The organization carries the name „Tamburi Mundi Freiburg "and shall be recorded into the organization register. After enrollment, in addition it will carry "e.V."
    1. The organization has its seat in Freiburg.
    • §2 Aim of the organization
      1. The organization exclusively and directly pursues nonprofit purposes in the sense of the section "tax-beneficiary purposes" of the general tax code. Aim of the organization is the support of art and culture.
      The organization especially creates a forum for meeting with and common experiencing of the world of the frame drum. It financially and ideally promotes combined music making with frame drums, the deepening of frame drum knowledge and skill, exchange between musicians and other interested parties and the perception of frame drums in public.
      The statute purpose is achieved especially through the organization and implementation of the festival „Tamburi Mundi ", through concerts, workshops, exhibitions, master-courses, lectures, presentations of media and instruments, sessions, drum-circles and street events with frame drums.

    In addition, further measures can be taken to serve the organization-purpose.

    1. The organization is selflessly active; it primarily does not pursue its own economic purposes.
    2. Organizational resources are only allowed for use for statutory purposes. Members receive no financial benefits from resources of the organization.
    3. No person is allowed to be favoured through expenses or by disproportionately high payments that are foreign to the purpose of the organization.
    4. With the closure or annulment of the body or with the discontinuation of tax-favored purposes the assets of the organization will go to the „Oriental music-academy Mannheim e.V.", Jungbuschstraße 18, 68159 Mannheim, that will use it directly and exclusively for nonprofit purposes.
    • §3 Acquisition of membership
      Any man or woman that feels interconnected with the goals of the organization can become a member of the organization. The comittee decides on the application for membership.
    • §4 Termination of membership
      1. Exit from the organization is allowable anytime. It takes place through written explanation in the presence of a member from the managing comittee. Contributions already paid will not be reimbursed in the case of leaving the organization. 2. A member can be excluded from the organization if his or her behaviour violates the interests of the organization in a coarse manner. The general meeting decides over the exclusion with the majority being two thirds of the handed votes.
    • §5 Annual subscription
      Subscriptions will be paid by the members. The cost of the annual subscription and its due date will be determined at the general meeting.
    • §6 Organs of the organization
      The organs of the organization are the comittee, the general meeting and the board of trustees.
    • §7 Managing Comittee
      1. The managing comittee exists of the first chairperson, the second chairperson and a treasurer. The chairpersons and the treasurer must be organization members.
    1. The members of the managing comittee will be chosen at the general meeting calculated from the day of election for two years onwards. Managing comittee members also remain in office after their course of term in office until a new managing comittee is chosen.
    2. Each managing comittee member is individually entitled to the representation of the organization.
    • §8 Jurisdiction of the management
      1. The managing comittee is responsible for the issues of the organization as long as they are not assigned to another organization-element by statute. It has above all the following tasks:
    • Preparation of the general meeting and compilation of the agendas
    • Calling of the general meeting
    • Implementation of the decisions of the general meeting
    • Establishing a budget for each fiscal year, accounting and issue of an annual report
    • Conclusion and termination of service - and employment contracts
    • Passing resolution over reception of members.
      2.  The management/ the general meeting can decide, if necessary and in consideration of the economic conditions and the budgetary position, that association charges can be executed for remuneration, basing on a labor contract or a flat fee. According to § 26 BGB, the management is responsible for the decision about the beginning, the content and the end of the respective treaty.
      3.  The management/ the general meeting can, if necessary and in consideration of the economic conditions and the budgetary position, award a contract to any third party against an appropriate remuneration or reward.
    • §9 General meetings
      1. The orderly general meeting takes place annually. Furthermore a general meeting must be called if the interest of the organization necessitates it or if the summoning of a quarter of the members is demanded in writing under the statement of purpose and with reason by the manging comittee.
    1. The general meeting will be led by the first chairperson, if unable to attend the second chairperson, if theyr'e unable to attend, the treasurer. If all managing comittee members are prevented from attending, the members at the general meeting will choose their own chairman.
    2. In the general meeting each member has a voice.
    3. The general meeting is exclusively responsible for the following issues: - Authorization of the budget for the next fiscal year established by the managing comittee, receipt of the annual report from the managing comittee, relief of the managing comittee - Arrangement of the cost and due date of the annual subscription - Election and recall of the members of the managing comittee - The resolution over the exclusion of members - The resolution over the alteration of this statute and over the termination of the organization. 5. In issues, that fall into the responsibility of the managing comittee, the general meeting can decide upon recommendations towards the manging comittee.
    • §10 Calling of the general meeting
      The general meeting is called by the first chairperson through announcement of place, time and agenda in text-form. The notification must be sent at the latest two weeks before the date of the general meeting.
    • §11 Decisions of the general meeting
      1. The general meeting is quorate when at least one quarter of all organization members are present. Should this quorum fall short, the managing comittee can call a renewed general meeting within one month under observance of the period named above which is then quorate even if the quorum falls short of its numbers. The renewed invitation is to be reminded hereupon.
    1. If the statute remains ineffective for any issues, the resolution will be made at the general meeting and will be decided by the majority of valid votes put forward. Failure to vote will remain out of consideration.
    2. The alteration of the statute requires a majority of two thirds, for the alteration of the organization-purpose and the termination of the organization, a majority of three quarters of the votes handed in is necessary.
    3. The type of vote will be strictly determined by the chairmen. However the vote must be enforced in writing if requested by one third of the members present at the respective vote.
    4. Minutes will be taken of the proceedings and decisions of the general meeting and is to be signed by the chairmen. The place and time of the meeting as well as the respective vote-result shall be recorded with it.

    The existing statute was established on the 01.08.2009.

    1. amendments to the articles of association: 8.7.2011
    2. amendments to the articles of association: 11.4.2016
    3. amendments to the articles of association: 13.2.2017

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