Tamburi Team photo by Ellen Schmauss

The Tamburi Mundi Festival Team

... constantly works in order to guarantee a smooth operation during the festival, also in busy times always creates a good mood, gives everything to find the right tone, the physical well-being, the appropriate instruments, the right course,...

Murat Coşkun

Artistic director
Program planning


Contact: murat@murat-coskun.eu


Ulrike Kudla

Ulrike Kudla

Tamburi Mundi Office
Festival office
Frame Drum Academy


Contact: uli.kudla@tamburimundi.com


Ingrid Kloos

Festival office
Press work


Contact: info@tamburimundi.com



Thomas Fenselau

Technical organization
Financial management
Coordinator and contact person for the instrument fair


Contact: thomas.fenselau@t-online.de



Johann Steinwede



Contact: johann.steinwede@tamburimundi.com





Monika Kornisch-Kayser

Accommodation for artists


Contact: quartiere@tamburimundi.com



Susanne Kittel

Festival office 




Edy Hinzen

Organization/open air concerts


Philipp Kurzke



Heiner "Rico" Kirsch

Drum parade
Outdoor events


Kontakt: www.welcom.info




Sound engineering


Kontakt: www.amps-factory.de



Kathi Decker (AMPS Factory)

Concert live streams


Kontakt: www.amps-factory.de

Ellen Schmauss

Festival photographer 


Contact: www.ellenschmauss.de