Frame Drum Academy_photo Yoshi Toscani

Since January 2018, the Tamburi Mundi Frame Drum Academy has been offering a multi-year frame drum course under the direction of Murat Coşkun. The aim is to provide comprehensive training on the frame drum with different focuses in the respective years.

The contents of the training units are aimed primarily at artistically and musically active and interested people as well as professional groups in the educational environment, i.e. musicians working in the professional as well as semi-professional field, artists, actors, dancers, but also people interested in rhythm who want to integrate frame drumming in their work.

Course location, accomodation and meals

The course takes place in the premises of the Freiburg University of Education (Institute of Music). Participants are responsible for organising their own accommodation and meals. However, we can help you find suitable accommodation if necessary.


Instruments are provided free of charge and some can also be taken home for practice.