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Formation of Tamburi Mundi Freiburg e.V.

Since the end of the 90s, the internationally recognized percussionist Murat Coskun has endeavoured to spread and develop a wide variety of frame drum traditions of many different cultures with big commitment and idealism. His goal was to establish a festival in which frame drummers from the most diverse cultural groups come together and combine to form a common exchange. He came one big step closer in 2006, as he brought the "1st international festival for frame drums" to life called "Tamburi Mundi", which would establish itself in the course of its existence as one of the most important platforms to support frame drum culture world-wide.

Tamburi Mundi created an international network of musicians, institutions, colleges, museums, as well as international cultural organizations and facilities and since then promotes the exchange of musicians in conversations, concerts, workshops and in the development and formation of common projects. With "Tamburi Mundi International", "guest performances" were also done since 2008 in the festivals in Iran and Italy. In order to master the existing and further accumulating tasks with joint strength, the organization Tamburi Mundi e.V. was called into life in 2009.


Glen Velez

With Glen Velez, the internationally acclaimed and celebrated " master of frame drums ", an inspired and active patron was established for Tamburi Mundi e.V. The four time Grammy prize winner living in New York is essentially and indisputably the living cult figure of the frame drum in the current music-world.

His many years of research and innovative discoveries in the playing of the frame drum, his musical works as a composer and interpreter of Old and New Music, his countless CD recordings as well as his new pedagogic methods have pushed this instrument into a completely new light world-wide and inspired and influenced very many percussionists.


Tamburi Mundi Freiburg e.V.
c/o Murat Coşkun

Hermann-Löns-Str. 1

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