The aim of Tamburi Mundi Freiburg e.V.

Tamburi Mundi e.V. should continue the successful work of the festival achieved up until now and consolidate the attained goals. The following aspects are relevant for the work

  • Musical-artistic exchange
  • Inter-cultural dialogue
  • Implementation of pedagogic concepts
  • Projects in the social area

Musical-artistic exchange

The musical-artistic exchange and the inter-cultural dialogue stand at the focus of the work. Tamburi Mundi e.V. would like to create space for artistic-creative projects without losing sight of (frame drum-) traditions.

Inter-cultural dialogue

Frame drums are instruments that already carry this dialogue within themselves. In this respect, the "only" task that exists for the organization is to give this dialogue a form and to create space for it. In practice, this happens through the international musicians and also participants that actively participate at the festival or through the events of "Tamburi Mundi International".

Implementation of pedagogic concepts

With pedagogic music-projects (exhibitions in museums, drum courses and body percussion for children and teenagers, join in concerts,...) Tamburi Mundi e.V. also initiates among others, musical formation and further education in the extracurricular area - whether it be in cooperation with national and international academies, colleges or with music schools.

Projects in the social area

Another concern of Tamburi Mundi e.V. is work in the general public with projects in different facilities in the social area (nursing homes, penal institutions,...).