Tamburi Mundi 2011 - A successful dialog of rhythms

Poster_Tamburi Mundi 2011

6th International Frame Drum Festival (31.07. - 07.08.2011)

I am extremely pleased with the success of the past frame drum festival. It was certainly one of the most exciting versions since the beginning of the Tamburi Mundi Festival. The continued co-operation between the artists was especially effective this past year with the „Festival on tour-project", already staged in spring at the Festspielhaus St. Pölten. An extensive program with drums, dance and vocals was performed with a colourful and lively variety of frame drums presented with humour and full of energy.

The highlight was certainly the co-operation project 'Rhythms in Dialog', especially worked out for this year's festival. Under the leadership of Kim Ju Hong of South Korea and Murat Coşkun, a concept for a very special encounter of music cultures had been created. Korean Samul Nori percussionists came as artists in residence to the Tamburi Mundi Festival for a stay of six weeks. Starting point was the Korean Samul Nori Music with a „dialog-partner" of foremost frame drums as well as dance and vocals of Turkish, Persian and Arabic regions.

From improvisations new compositions and choreographs were created while the traditional melodies were separated from their original context, sounds and movements were isolated and assembled again in a new musical definition. The result was presented in a brilliant concert by as many as 14 musicians and dancers with lyric and powerful moments at the totally sold out auditorium of the E-Werk.

Tamburi Mundi always tries to overcome musical and at the same time cultural hurdles by bringing borders and barriers into relation with music encounters. So this year again, musicians from Israel (Elias Habib) met musicians from Freiburg's partner town, Isfahan (Mohsen Taherzadeh). It turned out to be a meeting of absolutely no dividing but only connecting elements.

For the first time at a Tamburi Mundi Festival, an entire evening was dedicated to female drummers. The Iranian drummer, Maryam Hatef and her American colleague Marla Leigh, plus Nora Thiele from Berlin were the „Lady Drummers" – resulting in so much more than merely a meeting of female musicians. The evening's concert was rounded up by three additional female musicians.

The unfolding medieval sounds by the ensemble 'A Chantar' in the Christuskirche created sounds and an atmosphere of great auditory pleasure. The lighted candles and the deep frame drums of Murat Coskun seemed to melt with the crystal clear voice of the ensemble founder Regian Kabis. Sensitively and yet full of energy, the three instrumentalists Manuela Mohr (flutes), Marc Lewon (lutes and vocal) and Baptiste Romain (fiddle and bagpipe) presented Spanish medieval music inside the Christuskirche. Guest musician was Michael Metzler with his brilliant castanets playing.

Next to these larger productions, smaller and intimate concerts were also staged at the Tamburi Mundi. During the „Tamburi Mundi Special" concerts, individual musicians like Suat Borazan, Michael Metzler, Gilson de Assis and David Kuckhermann could be experienced with their solo contributions. Highlight was the solo concert of Carlo Rizzo who transposed his audience into amazement and enthusiasm.

This year's family concert with Tak and his journey, the numerous courses for children plus the free of charge participating activities like the drum train or drum circle attracted many families to Tamburi Mundi. And whoever was able (or allowed) to stay up longer could participate in the nightly sessions and the „Drumming in the Night", below the stars in Freiburg's Stadtgarten.

In 2011 we enjoyed again numerous co-operations as for example with the Alte Feuerwache in Mannheim where Tamburi Mundi, three days prior to the festival in Freiburg, the concert auditorium was in ecstasy with some selected musicians and dancers. Additional co-operations were with the Senior Residence and the Penal Institution in Freiburg where Tamburi Mundi guests appeared with a special program. Also the newly created series Tamburi Monday at the E-Werk with frame drum sessions and open stage was well accepted.

An important component of the festival, were the courses and workshops. Again this year, more than 50 courses for various playing levels pertaining to different topics around the frame drum were conducted. The Tamburi Mundi instrument exhibition added the final touch to the festival. It has meanwhile become a small but world-wide a very important trade fair for frame drums. Instrument exhibitioners from countries like USA, Turkey, Israel, Spain, Italy, France and entire Germany came to Freiburg's E-Werk where they were able to demonstrate their newest instruments during the entire festival in their own exhibition area.

I am very happy about the constant increase of fans for the Tamburi Mundi Festival. The festival has meanwhile a leading role and its accents are pointing the way within the international frame drumming scene. Certainly proven with the concerts at the Tamburi Mundi Festival, the work-shops at the „Tamburi Mundi Frame Drum Academy" or finally with the successful „Tamburi Mundi-International" events in Italy, Austria and Turkey. From its original point, the festival is radiating into the world, bringing the international frame drumming culture closer together.

Continuation is very important and I foremost extend my sincere gratitude to the wonderful audience and the participants of our courses, to the musicians who support this festival and to the promoters and sponsors of the festival, the Culture Department and the E-Werk of Freiburg as well as my great team and the honorary helpers! I am extremely happy and very grateful that for the first time this year, the city of Freiburg has supported the festival with an institutional contribution and I sincerely hope that the location for the festival in Freiburg is now secured.

I hope the festival week of 2012 from July 28th until August 5th will turn out to be a great and successful event!

Murat Coşkun