Andrey Tanzu Riqq by Ellen Schmauss

Andrey Tanzu (Russia)

Andrey Tanzu is the first percussionist in Russia, who opened and developed rare and ancient stream - music of Frame Drums. For about 15 years he has been professionally engaged in music, studied traditional techniques and styles of Egypt, Iran, Turkey, India. Andrey is also the founder of the music projects: "Groove Garden" and "SevenEight Band". In 2017 the project "SevenEight Band" won the main nomination as the Best Eyhnic Project in Russia on the festival Russian World Music.

Andrey mastered such instruments as Bendir, Tar, Mazar, Riq, Kanjira, Daf, Gaval, Ghatam, Udu, Darbuka, Gholak, Cajon, Calabash, Hang, Row, Jew's Harp. 

Now Andrey Tanzu is the member of different Russian and international festivals, as Tamburi Mundi, Houdetsi Music Festival, Ancient Trance, Grumant, Trimurti, Usadba Jazz etc. Successfully keeps on growing his skills, plays music and gives lessons and workshops on Frame Drums around the world.