photos by Mirko Ludwig and Ana Carrasco

Medieval Music from Mediterranean Sea

Saturday, 07.08.2021, 8 pm CEST

Location: E-Werk, Saal
18€ / 15€  (red.) / 23€ (Soli-Ticket)

INFO: Also free live stream via Tamburi Mundi youtube channel (voluntary donation)


The Spanish musicians Isabel Martín and Carlos Ramirez, known from the formation Milo ke Mandarini, trace in their music the roots of Mediterranean musical cultures and combine them with their own Iberian tradition. Their program includes Sephardic songs, traditional melodies from the Mediterranean and own compositions, which they present passionately on various regional and hand-made instruments.

Pere Olivé, 2012 Tamburi Mundi Award winner, is now a sought-after specialist in historical percussion. He studied early music and traditional Catalan music with Pedro Estevan and other well-known musicians. Due to his profound knowledge of orally transmitted musical traditions coupled with a wide-ranging classical repertoire he gives impulses to many well-known ensembles and theater productions.

Together with his ensemble partners Baptiste Romain, professor for string instruments of the Middle Ages and early modern times at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, and Silke Gwendolyn Schulze, expert for exotic medieval wind instruments and double reed instruments of the Renaissance, they immerse into the richness of medieval timbres and add a fresh and cheeky splash of color.

Medieval Trio QUIDNI

Baptiste Romain - fidel, bagpipes 

Silke Gwendolyn Schulze - douçaine, shwam, double flute, one hand flute, string tambourine 

Pere Olivé - historical and traditional percussion

Duo Isabel Martín and Carlos Ramirez

Isabel Martín - vocals, pandereta

Carlos Ramirez - bağlama, lavta, yaylı tanbur, hurdy-gurdy

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