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NEW: Frame drum academy ONLINE

comprehensive training * individual coaching * personal feedback

Start: January 16th, 2022

Lecturers: Murat Coşkun and guest lecturers


Since January 2021, the Tamburi Mundi Frame Drum Academy, under the direction of Murat Coşkun, has also been offering the multi-year frame drum course in ONLINE format. The aim is to provide comprehensive training on the frame drum with different focuses in the respective years. 

The special feature of the Tamburi Mundi online course is intensive individual support, which enables participants to progress in their personal playing and questions, as well as a well-structured learning programme. Murat Coşkun, who in addition to the Tamburi Mundi frame drum courses also teaches world percussion at the Bundesakademie Trossingen and at the Popakademie Mannheim, has also acquired a great deal of methodological know-how for online teaching.

In the first three trimesters, the participants receive good and sound basic knowledge of playing the frame drum, as well as impulses so that they can develop their own individual playing and find their own way. The focus is on rhythm work and timing.

The lessons take place online (Zoom Meeting) and primarily in groups. Once a month, individual lessons take place in which the other group members can participate as passive spectators. Here, individual questions can be clarified and possible topics of interest can be addressed.

Another focus of the course is regular homework (videos) with personal and individual feedback.

The language of instruction is English.

Dates 2022 - 1st trimester

Phase 1 - January 16th, 2022:
online lessons 4-8 pm. / One-to-one lessons / Homework + Personal feedback

Phase 2 - February 27th, 2022:
online lessons 4-8 pm. / One-to-one lessons / Homework + Personal feedback

Phase 3 - March 27th, 2022:
online lessons 4-8 pm. / One-to-one lessons / Homework + Personal feedback

Submission date for the exam video: April 25th, 2022
Feedbacks: May 1st, 2022

The exact dates for the individual lessons will be determined individually according to the size of the group.

Content of the course

There is a particulary focus on  the practical application of different frame drums with the focus on the following issues:

  • playing techniques
  • rhythms
  • arrangements
  • compositions
  • solistic/improvisatory playing
  • extension of the tonal spectrum (sounds, dynamic)
  • extended and innovative playing facilities
  • endurance workout
  • warm up exercises and practical tips
  • notation and background knowledge about instruments, the original cultures and the related music
  • fostering the creativity of every participant

The participants receive in-depth teaching material, and "homework" is also intended to help them prepare for the individual teaching phases in a more targeted way. The lessons are recorded via zoom and then made available to the participants for repetition and consolidation of what they have learned.

Participants/target group

  • musicians who work in the professional or semi-professional field
  • interested persons, who are artistically and musically active
  • professions of the pedagogical field (teacher, pedagogues, team leader, educator,...)
  • people who are interested in rhythm and would like to integrate frame drums in their work


  • good knowledge of frame drum playing (intermediate level)
  • knowledge of basic rhythms (at least 4-6 rhythms)
  • basic knowledge in read music and notation
  • sufficient coordination skills
  • willingness to practice and to deepen the subjects independently

You should take care of the course phase. Plan 7-10 hours of supervising practice time and 2-4 hours per week for homework and follow-up work.


Each trimester ends with an intermediate examination and at the end of the year there is an examination that takes into account all course contents.

For successful participation in the course, participants receive a certificate with a detailed list of the training content.

After successful participation in the one-year basic course, there is the possibility of continuing the course:
1st year - basic course  
2nd year - advanced course  
3rd year - main course  
4th year - final year


Frame Drum Seminar ONLINE: 275,- € per trimester

10% remissions:
for members of the Tamburi Mundi Association,
for Percussion-Creativ members
for students, pensioners, disabled people, unemployed benefit recipients,

How do I register?

Please contact us by email: (Ulrike Kudla)


More information, contact and registration

Tamburi Mundi Freiburg e.V.

Phone: +49 179 9259 430 (Ulrike Kudla)