Isabel Martín (Spain)

Isabel Martín has been attracted by the observation of cultural identities since she was a child. She has studied Spanish singing and percussion at the Traditional Culture School in Salamanca and later she was immersed in it with Eliseo Parra, from whom she is still learning nowadays. Since 2009 Isabel has travelled several times to Labyrinth Musical Workshop in Crete (Greece) in an attempt to learn from other musical traditions. She has studied techniques of Bulgarian and Turkish singing with Tsvetanka Varimezova and Mercan Erzincan, modal music with Efrén López and Christos Barbas, Middle East percussion with Zohar Fresco and Bijan Chemirani and Square drum with Aleix Tobias. In 2008 she created the project Milo ke Mandarini together with Carlos Ramírez to present the Mediterranean musical roots from a new perspective, creating contemporary melodies and songs inspired by folk culture. They regularly work and collaborate with many artists and musical projects in the world of modal music (Efrén López, Labyrinth Orchestra, Taracea, EIA). With this project, she has perfomed in some of the most prestigious festivals in Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Ecuador, Ghana, Greece, Turkey, Italy and Germany. At the same time, she’s teaching Percussion & Iberian singing in La Vera where she is living now.