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The festival 2020

Tamburi Mundi Festival: online program - special edition 2020

Dear friends of frame drum music!

The effects of the Corona pandemic have also affected Tamburi Mundi. In our thoughts we are with the musicians associated with us from Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Israel, Russia, Iran, Turkey, Tajikistan, the USA and several other countries, all of whom are affected in a very similar way. We will love to celebrate with all of them again another edition of our roaring drum festival together here in Freiburg (Germany) in 2021!

For this summer, we have looked for an alternative format which nevertheless will bring us all together:

Online lessons and an interesting news daily live on the Tamburi channel from 01.-06.08.202:

An exclusive and colourful online programme will be at the heart of the festival: with various workshops and a diversified framework program with live broadcasts of the Tamburi Mundi musicians, rhythm trainings, live acts, interviews, excursions to our drum makers, etc. - daily lessons and more than 20 hours live program via zoom!


Online lessons and live acts with: Glen Velez, Marla Leigh, Yshai Afterman, LOIRE Cotler, Dave Boyd, Andrea Piccioni, Paolo Rossetti Murittu, Liron Meyuhas, Berkant Çakɩçɩ, Matthias Haffner, Salim Beltitane, Khayrullo Dadoboev, Reza Samani, Andrey Tanzu, Rui Silva, Simon Tressin


Registration for the courses and the framework program - NOW!

Watch the different time zones for the participation in the Tamburi Mundi online-program:

Start 10.00am (Central European Time) Freiburg/Germany (lessons)

Start 14.00pm (Central European Time) Freiburg/Germany (framework program „Tamburi Channel“)

Start 18.00pm (Central European Time) Freiburg/Germany (lessons)


Time zones for some other cities/countries:

Canada (Pacific Standard Time) – 9 hours earlier
New York City – 6 hours earlier
America Sao Paolo – 5 hours earlier
Morocco/ Algeria -1 hour ealier
UK - 1 hour ealier
Asia/Jerusalem – 1 hour later
Moskow – 1 hour later
Asia/Hong Kong – 6 hours later
China/Beijing - 6 hours later
Western Australia – 6 hours later
Asia/Tokyo – 7 hours later



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