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Tamburello intermediate with Andrea Piccioni

Tamburello intermediate level with Andrea Piccioni


This course is part of Tamburi 5-Days
from 03. - 07.08.2020


09.00 - 09.45 h - Impulse workshops with various teachers
10.00 - 13.30 h - Lessons with Andrea

15.00 - 15.30 h - Open offer like frame drum and singing circle / body percussion / rhythm games

On Friday, August 7th from 12.45-13.30 h, a joint performance of all the workshop groups will take place.


daily  10 - 13.30 h

Location: E-Werk, Freiburg, Germany

Andrea Piccioni (Italy)

Instruments: Tamburello

The objective of the course is the development of 360 degrees, according to the principles developed by Andrea over the years through a careful study of posture and the relationship between mind-body-instrument. Through specific exercises and compositions we will learn how to use the instrument in any musical genre, from jazz to world music to baroque and renaissance music, without forgetting its use in the vast and unknown world of traditional Italian music. A course for all those who want to expand their skills and knowledge on this extraordinary instrument, a real portable full drums-set !

Language of instruction:


Level: intermediate = good experience in tamburello playing



Please note:

    The Frame Drum Academy offers agian two days workshops with various lecturers, that can be booked additionally. The courses take place from 15-18.00 pm or from 16.00-17.30 pm. The schedule of the extra workshops is aligned to the other courses, which might be relevant for the participants of the 2, 5 or 7 days courses, in order to enable them to join these workshops after their regular course program. Even though, these extra workshops for two days can also be booked separately and independently from the festival program. Read more - CLICK HERE!

  • If you would like to visit the evening concert, you might get a reduced ticket price on the days you booked a course. Because the concerts are often sold out, we recommend you to reserve your ticket in advance!
  • If you are looking for a cheap lunch, we recommend you the new E-Werk restaurant „FLUXUS“.
  • If you have any further questions, please contact us at

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