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Tamburello (medium/advanced) with Andrea Piccioni - 4.8.+5.8.

Total Tamburello (level medium/advanced) - workshop with Andrea Piccioni

Time: Friday 04.08. and Saturday 05.08.2017 - 16.15 - 17.45 h
Location: E-Werk, Freiburg
Fee: 45,- €



Andrea Piccioni (Italy)

Instruments: Tamburello 
(Please bring your own instruments; for exceptional cases please leave a message on the registration form)
Content of the course:

TOTAL TAMBURELLO by Andrea Piccioni  
Total Tamburello is a teaching method created by Andrea Piccioni. The aim of the method is create a sort of “fusion” between the mind and the body with the goal to develop the melodic aspect of rhythm inside a solid highly technical structure. In this way, between also the onomatopoeic system developed by Andrea for the instrument and based on his new book “IL RITMO DELLA PAROLA” (The Rhythm of the Speech) we will be able to elaborate infinite variations and ornamentations inside a solid groove.
Another important aspect of the method is work on the body’s process of playing, to discover how to use the muscles and tendons without tension or pain and increasing at the same time power and stamina, in other words how to use the natural movements and the articulations at the best without any stress for the body.

Andrea will show his personal style that revolutionize the way to think the tamburello in this last decade, developing new strokes, phrases, techniques and compositions to easily adapt the instrument for jazz, world, contemporary or early music.

Language of instructioin:


Level: Good or very good experience in frame drum / tamburello playing
The lecturer will teach the group in a differentiated way responding to both of the levels (medium and advanced).


If you have any further questions, please contact us at

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