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Postgraduate course (2nd year)

Frame Drum Academy (part 2) - postgraduate course - start: 29.01.2021

Postgraduate course (second year) - Start: 29th of January 2021
Main course (third year)
Final year (fourth year)

Direction: Murat Coşkun
Lecturers: Murat Coşkun and Philipp Kurzke

Amount and structure (postgraduate course, second year)

4 weekends with 16 hours = 64 hours
Participation in the courses during the Tamburi Mundi Festival+ 1 extra workshop= 12,5 hours
1 examination weekend = 8 hours
Total: 84,5 hours


Including steady homework control with personal coaching from the lecturers.


Dates: postgraduate course 2019







end of July/first days of August

classes as part of the Tamburi Mundi Festival




 (Final exams)


Participants/ target group

The contents of our training units in the second year aim at musicians working in the professional or semi-professional field: drummers, percussionists, rhythmists and other musicians who already integrate percussion in their work and who would like to deepen and broaden their knowledge in the field of frame drums.


  • Successful completion of the basic studies (first year)

    A lateral entry is possible after consultation with the lecturer (Murat Coskun) and a potential qualifying examination.
    For this, the following precognitions should be assured:
  • Good basic knowledge on at least 3-4 different frame drums like Lapstyle, Upright Position, Freehand Style, bell tambourine (Riqq or Tamburello)
  • Sufficient coordination ability and agility

In general, the studies require the willingness to independent daily exercise and work on the course contents. There will also be homeworks every one or two weeks, which should be done promptly.

Final exam

At the end of the ten month of postgraduate course there will be a written and practical exam. The participants will receive a certificate for their successful participation with a detailed listing of the educational contents. The participants must have been present for at least 75% of the time.

Fees (postgraduate studies)

Frame drum postgraduate course:

1200.- EUR // 1080,- EUR (reduced)

There are no accommodation and catering costs included.
If desired, the course fees can also be payed in three rates.

How can I apply?

The best way is by phone or by mail, so that we can discuss the further steps in a personal talk. After this, you can apply in a written and binding form.

The final decision whether the applying person has enough precognition for the second study year may be possibly made after an entrance exam.


Course location, accommodation and food

The courses will take place at the Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburg (Institut für Musik). The participants are responsible for the organization of their accommodation and food. If necessary, we can help in finding a suitable accommodation.



Instruments will be provided free of charge and can partially be taken at home for practicing.


Further information, contact and application

Tamburi Mundi Freiburg e.V.

Phone.: 0049 (0)176 2021 2826 (Murat Coşkun) or

Tamburi Mundi Frame Drum Academy - postgraduate course

Frame Drum Academy_2019_Postgraduate course.pdf (89.6 KiB)

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