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ONLINE seminar (1st year)


photo by Yoshi Toscani
The upcoming basic course (ONLINE) will start 3rd of January 2021.
Informatory meeting (via zoom): 1st of November 2020, 5 pm CET

Since January 2018 the Tamburi Mundi Frame Drum Academy under the direction of Murat Coşkun offers a frame drum course of several years in Freiburg (Breisgau). The goal is a comprehensive education on the frame drum with different emphases in the individual years of study.

During the time of the pandemic restrictions, Tamburi Mundi constantly extended its on-line course offer. Now we will approach new ways, also within the range frame drum training courses. Since there are again and again inquiries also from other countries and frame drum interested people for which the regular journeys to Freiburg are not feasible, there will be in 2021 for the first time also an ON-LINE frame drum training course.

Instead of the intensive attendance weekends, we work in three blocks (trimesters), each of which is concluded with a small exam. Within a trimester course, group lessons, individual lessons and practice and consolidation phases will alternate.

The flexibility of the online format makes it possible to attend even single trimester courses, pause between blocks if necessary and re-enter at a later date.

Murat Coşkun, next to the Tamburi Mundi courses, also teaches frame drum courses at the Bundesakademie Trossingen and world percussion at the Popakademie Mannheim. So he acquired a large methodical know-how for on-line instruction.

Lecturer: Murat Coşkun

Information on the basic course

In the basic studies the participants receive good and well-founded basic knowledge in playing the frame drum, as well as impulses to develop an individual playing style and find their own way. The focus in the first year is on rhythm work and "timing".

Lessons are held online (Zoom Meeting) and primarily in groups. Once in a month, individual lessons take place in which the remaining group members can participate as passive spectators.

Dates 2021 (1st trimester)

03.01.              16-20 h
24.01.              16-20 h (individual lessons)
31.01.              16-20 h           

07.02.              16-20 h
14.02.              16-20 h (individual lessons)
21.02.              16-20 h           

07.03.              16-20 h
21.03               16-20 h (individual lessons)
28.03.              16-20 h

18.04.              16-20 Uhr (midterm exam)

Target group

  • musicians who work in the professional or semi-professional field
  • interested persons, who are artistically and musically active
  • professions of the pedagogical field (teacher, pedagogues, team leader, educator,...)
  • people who are interested in rhythm and would like to integrate frame drums in their work

Content of the course

There is a particulary focus on  the practical application of different frame drums with the focus on the following issues:

  • playing techniques
  • rhythms
  • arrangements
  • compositions
  • solistic/ improvisatory playing
  • Erweiterung des klanglichen Spektrums (Sounds, Dynamik)
  • erweiterte und innovative Spielmöglichkeiten
  • endurance workout
  • warm up exercises and practical tips
  • notation and background knowledge über Instrumente, Ursprungskulturen und auch die damit verbundene Musik
  • Fördern der eigenen Kreativität

    Die Teilnehmenden erhalten Unterrichts-Material, ebenso sollen „Hausaufgaben“ dazu dienen, sich gezielter auf die einzelnen Unterrichtsphasen vorzubereiten.


  • good basic knowledge of at least 2 (percussion-) instruments, at least one of them should be a frame drum
  • knowledge of basic rhythms (at least 4-6 rhythms)
  • Grundkenntnisse in Notenlesen und Notation
  • Ausreichende Koordinationsfähigkeit
  • Bereitschaft zum Üben und Vertiefen der Inhalte in selbstständiger Arbeit.


Jedes Trimester beschließt eine Zwischenprüfung, am Ende des Jahres erfolgt eine Prüfung, die alle Kursinhalte berücksichtigt.

Für die erfolgreiche Teilnahme am Lehrgang erhalten die TN ein Zertifikat mit einer detaillierten Auflistung der Ausbildungsinhalte.

Fee (1st trimester)

Frame Drum Academy ONLINE SEMINAR: 240,-€  / 216,-€ (reduced)


How to sign up?

The best way is to take part in the informatory meeting (via zoom) on the 1st of November 2020. We will offer a short workshop and want to take the opportunity to get to know your playing level.

Please contact us by email or by phone, so that we can discuss everything in a personal talk. After this you can effectuate a binding registration.

If you cannot attend the meeting, the registration should be accompanied by:

A short video or an audio recording with a short solo or an improvisation (a simple recording quality is sufficient) in a length of 1-3 minutes.

Weitere Infos, Kontakt und Anmeldung

Tamburi Mundi Freiburg e.V.

Tel.: 0176 2021 2826 (Murat Coşkun) oder

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