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10-13h CEST: Matthias Haffner - Pandeiro Basic/Intermediate

Pandeiro basic/intermediate with Matthias Haffner


Tamburi 2-Days A2
01.- 02.08.2020, 10-13 o´clock  CET (Central European Time)

Including "Tamburi Channel" 01.-06.08.2020: daily framework programme from 2 -6 pm and 9.30-10.30 pm!




Time: Saturday  10.00 - 13.00 h; Sunday 10.00 - 13.00 h (CET)
Online: Zoom Meeting
Lecturer: Matthias Haffner (Germany) 
Instruments: Pandeiro
Course content:

The Pandeiro is the name of the Brazilian frame drum and without any doubt, it is the most important and most outright percussion instrument of Brazil. Due to its wide sound spectrum, it is very popular in many different musical styles: not only in Samba, Choro or Baião (where the Pandeiro is traditionally played), but also in pop music or funk, this rhythmical instrument can be used, and even replace a drum set. In contrast to most of the frame drums, the Pandeiro has to be played horizontally, which leads to an entirely different rhythm concept orienting considerably towards “groovy” sounds. Matthias Haffner will introduce in this workshop different playing techniques he had seen, learned and developed through the years by masters of all regions of Brazil. 

In this years Tamburi Mundi pandeiro workshop, Matthias wants to explore the possibilities of this great frame drum with you, diving into different techniques and styles. Also, as it will be a special online-edition, Matthias wants to dedicate time to answer all your questions about this instrument.

Language of instruction:


Level: basic/intermediate = little (Basic) or good (intermediate) experience in pandeiro playing or with musical and rhythmical precognition on other instruments.
The lecturer will teach the group in a differentiated way responding to both of the levels.


Please note:

  • Lessons are held via zoom meeting. Some days before the start of the lessons we offer a free introduction into zoom. After registration we will send you more information.
  • You will get the zoom link for your lessons via email at 31st of July 2020.
  • The programme overview of the daily Tamburi Channel will be published from 20th July on

If you have any further questions, please contact us at

Watch the different time zones for the participation in the Tamburi Mundi online-program:

  • Lessons A1 / B1 / C1: Start 10.00am (Central European Time) Freiburg/Germany
  • „Tamburi Channel“ framework program: Start 14.00pm (Central European Time) Freiburg/Germany
  • Lessons A2 / B2 / C2: Start 18.00pm (Central European Time) Freiburg/Germany (lessons)

Time zones for some other cities/countries:

Canada (Pacific Standard Time) – 9 hours earlier
New York City – 6 hours earlier
America Sao Paolo – 5 hours earlier
Morocco/ Algeria -1 hour ealier
UK - 1 hour ealier
Asia/Jerusalem – 1 hour later
Moskow – 1 hour later
Asia/Hong Kong – 6 hours later
China/Beijing - 6 hours later
Western Australia – 6 hours later
Asia/Tokyo – 7 hours later


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