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Drumming in flow - with body, voice and frame drums - with Christine Hübner - 3.+4.8.

Drumming in flow - with frame drums, body and voice - workshop with Christine Hübner


Monday, 03.08. and Tuesday, 04.08.202ß
16.00 - 17.30 h

Location: E-Werk, Freiburg (Germany)
Coiurse fee 45,-€


Christine Hübner (Germany)

The music therapist and percussionist Christine Hübner ( ranges amongst the first students of the degrees course “World Music” at the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg. In her youth, she discovered the play of hand percussion instruments and was a singer in several rock and pop bands. Meanwhile, she mainly plays in ensembles for Old Music and World Music.

Instruments: Frame Drums (tunable), riqq
(If possible, please bring your own instruments; for exceptional cases please leave a message on the registration form)
Content of the course:

„Drumming in Flow"- with body, voice and frame drums

What is rhythm? The tapping of your steps. The in and out of your breath. The call and the silence. The swaying of your body when you beat the drum effortlessly and with ease you feel how "it" moves you. Many voices carry you - you are "in a flow".

This is not a course in which playing techniques are taught. „Drumming in Flow" is about getting involved with your own voice, rhythm and the overall sound in the group and developing music from it.

The following elements will be experienced:

  • The relation between the frame drums and their interaction
  • Resonance of frame drum and voice
  • Drumming and & „sounding“
  • Rhythmical sound bath (overtone singing welcome)
  • Creation of cyclic melodies
  • drummed “fill-ins”, calls, “trills” and other effects with the voice, percussive speaking and      singing
  • Polyphony
  • Call & response
  • Improvisations with voice and/or drum
  • Physical involvement: simple step sequences, stomping, wiping
  • excursions into rhythmic displacement, canon and overlapping rhythms
Language of instruction: English / German
Level: Open for every level. Only feeling for rhythm and lust for experiments with the voice and are required.


If you have any further questions, please contact us at

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