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Rui Silva (Portugal)


Rui Silva was born in 1984 in Coimbra. He studied classical percussion at the Espinho Professional Music School (2002-2005) and completed his BA at the Oporto School of Music and Performing Arts (2005-2009).

He specialized in Historical Percussion after studying at  ESMUC / UAB (Barcelona, Spain), finishing with a Master of Arts degree in Interpretación of Musica Antigua - Historical Percussion, under the guidance of the legendary Spanish percussionist Pedro Estevan.

Rui's performative practice is strongly influenced by the oral tradition of the adufe, a traditional square frame drum from Portugal, he introduced into various musical contexts (ancient music, theater, symphony, intervention, traditional, etc.).

Recently, Rui developed the concept of "Modern Adufe" as a way of exploring and defining new performing techniques for the adufe based on different traditional frame drums traditions.

As part of his life work and academic research, Rui made consistent field work with the 'adufeiras' (the women who traditionally practice the adufe play) and artisans of the Idanha-a-Nova and Paúl region. He has observed, recorded, and analyzed the construction process, the performing and technical practice, the language (songs) and the cultural context.

Between 2012-2015, Rui ran the AL-DUFF project. During this project, he led nearly 50 workshops on traditional playing, transcribing and the publishing of traditional rhythms and adufe songs.

In 2013 Rui launched his artisan brand, "Rui Silva Adufes" for hand-crafted traditional adufes with an incorporated tuning system. Rui hopes that this structural innovation will uplift this traditional instrument to a new level in 21st century, as an addition to its versatility and reliability.

As a performer, teacher and artisan, Rui participated at the Tamburi Mundi Festival in the years 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2018.

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