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Liron Meyuhas (Israel)


Liron Meyuhas is a percussion artist, ensemble leader, singer, a teacher and creator. A nomad with roots in the alleys of Jerusalem, Meyuhas has studied rhythm in Africa, Jazz in Italy and Arabic drumming in the Sinai. Israel’s first female Pantam artist, she has performed in the US, Brasil, Czech Republic, Russia and throughout Europe.

Liron was born in 1985 in Jerusalem. As a child she studied  guitar and piano, and after encountering Egyptian music and rhythm on vacations in the Sinai desert, she started taking private lessons for darbuka and djembe. At twenty she began pursuing Eastern music studies in Jerusalem, where she delved into the rich tradition of ancient Jewish hymns,  and broadened her repertoire with the frame drum, the Riq, and other percussion instruments.

In 2007 Liron travelled to Europe for a year to volunteer in agricultural projects, where she discovered old traditions of Flamenco singing (southern Spain), and Tarantella music in southern Italy.  During this time she first picked up the Swiss Hang drum. In this atmosphere of nature and seclusion, inspiration was abundant and Liron wrote, sang and performed, meeting local people, drifters and musicians on the nomadic circuit. These experiences were an important stepping stone in the evolution of Liron’s global musical identity.

The year 2008 saw Liron travelling to West Africa (Senegal, Gambia, Guinea Conakry) for humanitarian projects with  the Spanish NGO Pasos Positivos. In Guinea Conakry she spent two months studying traditional West African drumming and dance, she played weddings and other traditional ceremonies with a troupe of Guinean musicians.

Liron applied and got accepted to Siena Jazz Academy in Italy, specializing in world percussion with an emphasis on Jazz. During her studies she discovered Afro Jazz and played with musicians from  Griotte Dembele’, a family of musicians from Ivory Coast. As well in Italy she worked for a musical circus troupe (Cantiere Ikrea), performing in Italy, Russia and Poland. Years of successive travelling and living in different location were continually shaping Liron’s identity as a nomad.

Liron returned to Israel where she receieved a scholarship for Outstanding Musician from the ministry of immigration, and began performing with her own music. Liron has participated in exciting collaborations with dance groups such as Bat Sheva , acclaimed Israeli musician Kutiman’s project “Through Tel Aviv”, Cafe GIbraltar , Etti Ankri, Maurice Almadiuni and others. As well, Liron has been active in peace and coexistence projects, performing as a duo with Palestinian female Oud  player Helen Sabila from Bethlehem.

In 2013 Liron toured the Czech Republic, taking part in a project called ‘’Gathering of Drummers”, as the only female performer. As well she represented Israel in “Women in Jazz” in Rome. In 2014  she launched “La Gitana” project, performing as trio all over Israel. In she 2016 toured Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, garnering a warm reception from the East European crowd. She performed solo in Italy, established female percussion trio “Malaika Trio” and performed all over Israel and Switzerland, recording an album in 2016. Over the last three years she played and sang in Portugal, Spain,Italy, France and Croatia with international project “Sois 7 Luas”, A Portuguese initiative uniting musicians from around the Mediterranean.

Liron recorded her first full length LP “La Gitana” in 2017. The album was produced by Yael Deckelbaum and includes influences from Jewish texts, African rhythm, Italian folklore and many more.

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