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Khayrullo Dadoboev (Tadzhikistan)


photo by Müller-Härlin

Among the percussionists of Europe, Khayrullo Dadoboev is a newcomer, so to speak, who has become an insider tip in a very short time. And not by chance, because in his home country Tajikistan the cosmopolitan professional musician has been successfully on stage for over 20 years.

Born into a musicians family, Khayrollo Dadoboev's pedagogical work is as versatile as his stage experience. At the age of 18 he began teaching children in the converted cellar of his parents' house. From this group of pupils the today's percussion ensemble "Khayrullo Dadoboev" emerged, which can look back on a multitude of international engagements more than 20 years after its foundation. Two years ago, Khayrullo Dadoboev co-founded a non-profit drum project for children with Down's syndrome in his hometown of Khujand, in which he still participates in music therapy today.

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