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Emanuela Lodato (Italy)


photo by Ellen Schmauss

Emanuela Lodato is a Sicilian musician and dancer who began her artistic career in the theater. In 2004 she began a more in-depth research on music and traditional dances in southern Italy.

She studies percussion with Massimo Laguardia, and travels through Southern Italy to learn dances. In 2006 she launched her concert activity (Massimo Laguardia, TrizziRiDonna, Kaiorda,...). She teaches in various cultural centers in Italy and abroad (Macedonia, Tunisia, Poland, Belgium).

Emanuela also has a long experience of working with children: as an animator of theater, dance and music in cultural centers as well as in Italian and Belgian schools, and also as an actress and musician in shows for the little ones (as “La nuit du Coucou” in 2013, or “Habanera” in 2017.)

Currently she lives in Brussels where she continues her activity as a musician in the duo Nisia, as a dancer and as a teacher of traditional percussion. As an animator of musical workshops for children and adults, she collaborates with the associations “Muzik-e-Motion” and “La Vita è Belga” in the organization of internships, concerts and cultural events.

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