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Doyra (beginner) - Khayrullo Dadoboev - 9.8.

Doyra (for beginners) - workshop with Khayrullo Dadoboev

Time: Sunday 9.8.2020 from 14.30 - 16 h
Location: E-Werk, Freiburg (Germany)
course fee: 20,- €



Khayrullo Dadoboev

Instruments: Doyra - instruments will be provided
Content of the course:

The central Asian Doyra is especially played in Tadzhikistan and Usbekistan and shows some specifics regarding its fabrication and playing technique. The drum consists of a massive wood ring of  acacia, mulberry tree or maple, a membrane of calfskin and up tp 60 little metal rings at the inside of the wood ring. A characteristic of the relatively heavy Doyra (1,5 - 2 kg) is a penetrating, clear and dry sound. Besides open ground beats of the right and the left hand, the beating technique on the Doyra consists also of special beats like the slap and a variety of different finger techniques (finger rolls, snapping).

The Doyra is still irreplaceable in both the traditional and the Tajikistan-Uzbek art music "Makom". While folklore and wedding songs are played mainly in numerous rhythm variations in 6/8, 7/8 and 4/4 time, the "Makom" also knows numerous complex rhythms of up to 16 bars in length, and with a special quotation.

Khayrullo Dadoboev introduces the basic Doyra techniques as well as simple and also more complex Tajik rhythm variations.

Language of instruction:


Level: beginner - no previous knowledge necessary


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