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Artist in Residence 2020

Artist in Residence 2020: Khayrullo Dadoboev (Tadzhikistan)


Khayrullo Dadoboev was born in  Chudschand (Tadzhikistan). He plays the Doyra, a frame drum from Tadszikistan, since his early childhood. Already as a child Khayrullo Dadoboev participated in several music circles and children's ensembles and began his professional career as a musician at the age of 20 at the music theater in Chudschand, later on also in the dancing ensemble "Tschamanoro".

His virtuous play on the Doyra led him to festivals and concerts in Germany, the Netherlands, France, India, China, Kuwait, Oman, Dubai, Katar, Russia, the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kirghistan, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan.


We are glad to welcome him as our artist in residence at Tamburi Mundi 2020 and we are curious about his workshops and concerts!



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