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Workshops in Istanbul 10.+11.02.2018

Beyoǧlunda gezersin (Ensemble FisFüz)

Tamburi Mundi Workshops in Istanbul: 10.+11.02.2018

Tamburi Mundi presents a workshop week-end in the center of Istanbul (Beyoğlu), full of Turkish rhythms, darbuka, frame drums, body percussion and flamenco rhythms for frame drums. With Murat Coşkun, Bettina Castaño and Mehmet Akatay. The French college Lycée Français St. Benoît, a cultural and cosmopolitan school full of tradition, is our supporting co-operation partner for this project.


Workshops for drums and rhythms:

Saturday, 10.02.2018 11-14 h Lecturer: Murat Coşkun Workshop: frame drum basic/medium fee: 100 YTL
  15-19 h Lecturer: Murat Coşkun Workshop: frame drum medium/advanced fee: 140 YTL
  19.30-21 h Lecturer: Murat Coşkun Workshop: bodypercussion and composition (part I) fee: 50 YTL
Sunday, 11.02.2018 11-14 h Lecturer: Bettina Castaño Workshop: flamenco rhythms for frame drums fee: 100 YTL
  15-19 h Lecturer: Mehmet Akatay Workshop: Turkish rhythms for riqq and darbuka fee: 140 YTL
  19.30-21 h Lecturer: Murat Coşkun Workshop: bodypercussion and composition (part II) fee: 50 YTL

Flamenco workshops:

Saturday, 10.02.2018 17.30-20.30 h Bettina Castaño Beginner level: Paso Doble (without castagnettes) Fee: 140 YTL
Sunday, 11.02.2018 17.30-20.30 h Bettina Castaño Intermedium/ advanced level Fee: 140 YTL

Topics for beginner level: Paso Doble (without castagnettes)
Flamenco-shoes are not necessary!

Video link: 

Topics for intermedium/ advanced level: the popular Rumba/Tango "Verde que te quiero verde"
Video link: 

Please note:

The workshop fee is stated in Turkish lira (YTL). To convert, please click at or choose another web converter. The fee is to be payed on site at the check- in when the course starts!

The course participants have to organize and pay their journey to the site at their own expense. Accommodation and food are not included in the course fee.

The Turkish master drummer Mehmet Akatay is a demanded studio musician, live performer and popular lecturer far beyond the borders of Istanbul. His virtuoso play on darbuka, riqq, frame drums and cajon is not only estimated by stars like Tarkan, Sezen Aksu and others he had accompanied on their world tours.

In his workshop, he scoops out of the richness of Turkish music culture and gives an overview over Turkish rhythms. The course addresses to participants with basic knowledge in darbuka or frame drum play.

Murat Coşkun ius a world percussionist and he works as a guest lecturer for Oriental percussion and frame drums including for the Freiburg Music University and since 2015 at the Popakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg (lecturer for mediterranean percussion) and gives international master classes including in Turkey and Iran. As an author and teacher, he developed his own teaching method.
Murat Coskun is the founder and director of the international frame drum festival Tamburi Mundi which he organizes since 13 years in Freiburg (Germany).

The flamenco dancer and percussionist Bettina Castaño lives and works in Seville (Spain). Her technical preciseness, paired with an effervescent joy of music and its manifold ways of expression, made her to be one of the most important representatives of flamenco dance in the new generation.

In her workshop, Bettina Castaño shows the transfer of flamenco rhythms on frame drums. The course addresses to players with good knowledge in frame drum play, who would like to enlarge their repertoire.

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