Foto: Yoshi Toscani

Frame Drum with Glen Velez - "on the knee position"

Online: Zoom Meeting
Instructor: Glen Velez (USA)
Instruments: Frame drum
Content of the course:

The course will focus on the concept of 3 speeds to practise 8, 9 and 10 note fast fingerings, using either pa's or tak's. In addition, the participants will use tisra, the transfer of duple rhythms into three per pulse, to broaden their connection with their pulse. As in all of Glen Velez classes, the conversation between rhythm, pulse and cycle will be deepened using vocalizations. All of these materials will be used in the context of an original frame drum solo by Glen from a new series of solos called Cosmic Dogs. Time will be set aside both days for student questions and interaction.

Language of instruction: English
Level: Intermediate = good precognition and a solid experience in frame drum playing. Beating techniques and a good rhythmical practise should be existing.

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