Tuğba Gülyeşil

Turkish songs and frame drum accompaniment with Tuğba Gülyeşil

Online: Zoom-Meeting
Time: Sunday, 30.07.23, 10am - 1pm CEST
Lecturer: Tuğba Gülyeşil (Turkey)
Instruments: bendir, frame drums
Course Content:

The focus of this course is on singing and drumming Turkish songs of different styles together.

Participants will also learn the playing techniques and musical expressions of the frame drum "Bendir", which vary depending on the context.

It is expressly welcome participants from last year's workshops, who want to expand their repertoire.
Tuğba will introduce new songs, the participants get the lyrics sent by Tamburi Mundi in advance.

Course language: English
Level: Open for all levels!

Please note:

  • Please note the time difference!

    • Lessons are held via zoom meeting.
    • You will get the zoom link for your lessons via email a few days before the start of the course
    • Please make sure that you have a stable internet connection during the Zoom Meeting. Tamburi Mundi cannot be held responsible in case of transmission problems due to a weak internet connection.
    • The workshops will be recorded. Tamburi Mundi will provide a copy of the recordings to all participants afterwards. Important: We try our best - but if there are technical problems during the recording and not everything can be played back afterwards, we cannot be held liable.


Any Questions?

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