Frame Drum intermediate with Murat Coskun

Thursday / Friday
August 3 + 4, 2023
09.30 am - 01.00 pm

Including daily impulse program from 3 - 3.50 pm with different lecturers

ONLINE  via zoom
(This course is a hybrid course with both face-to-face and online participants)
Dates: 03.-04.08.
Lecturer: Murat Coskun (Germany)
Instrument: frame drums, played in upright position
Course Language:

This course is about flexibility in frame drumming. Here the focus is on coordination and independent mastery of instrument, body and voice. These are essential aspects of drumming. The focus is on upright playing, which gives us the opportunity to combine frame drumming with dance steps.

Here we will explore different possibilities of which upright techniques to use and when, how to playfully move from "simple" techniques to tonally variable possibilities. The point is to expand musical expression and musical flexibility when accompanying pieces of music.

Course Language: English
Level: Intermediate = good previous knowledge in playing frame drums

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