Frame drum - Mindful Drumming with Maria Bovin de Labbé

Online: Zoom-Meeting
Time: 29.+30.07.23, 4-7 pm CEST
Lecturer: Maria Bovin de Labbé (Norway/Sweden)
Instruments: Large frame drum, Tar, Mizhar

Course Content

Mindful Drumming - Learn to play the Frame Drum the Mindful Way

This is a two-day course on Mindful Drumming For Frame Drummers at a basic level who are interested in learning the art of frame drumming mindfully, with intention, awareness, and attention. The course teaches basic strokes, technical movements, physical warm-ups, and ways to connect with the body and drum while practicing and playing.

You will also learn to play easy grooves in different time signatures with flow from the heart, not the head. It is valuable for beginners with a basic knowledge of the rhythmical language and basic strokes or for anyone that wants to revisit the fundamentals and play with more ease.

Come with a smile, an open mind, your frame drum, a journal, and a pen.

Course language:

Level: Basic knowledge of the rhythmical language and basic strokes on the frame drum are necessary.

Please note:

  • Important: This workshop will not be recorded in full length, as it partly also deals with personal content. However, at the end of each day of the course, the instructor will make a video summary of the main content of the course. Tamburi Mundi will provide a copy of these recordings to all participants.

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