Frame Drum with Philipp Kurzke (Basic)

Part 1: Thursday / Friday
August 4 + 5, 2022

09.30 am - 01.00 pm

Part 2: Saturday / Sunday
August 6 + 7, 2022

09.30 am - 01.00 pm

Including daily impulses 04.-07.08.22 from 2.30-3.15 p.m. with various lecturers!

Date: 04.-05.08. (part 1) // 06.-07.08.22 (part 2)
Fee: Part 1 or part 2: 140 € (136 € reduced) /  Total course: 250 € (225 € reduced)
Lecturer: Philipp Kurzke (Germany)
Instruments: Frame Drum; if necessary, instruments can be borrowed, please be sure to specify when registering!
Content of the course:

Always playing basic rhythms gets boring for you? Philipp Kurzke presents a smorgasbord of ingenious little ideas that help to bring more color into your playing and spice up rhythms with very simple means! You will learn universally applicable techniques to vary rhythms and become creative yourself.

The methods and also the level of difficulty will be extended step by step, and we will also 'get a taste' of some advanced variation techniques!

Along the way you will also learn some new movements and playing techniques.

In the second part, we will soften our ties to the basic rhythm step by step and become more and more free in our creative possibilities.

Improvising in odd time signatures? No problem - you will also learn how to do that in this course!
In addition, a beautiful and very powerful composition technique will be taught: the Tihai!

Part 1 and Part 2 of the course build on each other. You can register for the whole course or just for one part of the course.

Language of Instruction: English
Level: Basic / Basic&Intermediate = (little) previous knowledge in frame drum playing

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