Frame Drum with Andrea Piccioni (Intermediate)

Andrea Piccioni

Part 1: Thursday / Friday
August 4 + 5, 2022

09.30 am - 01.00 pm

Part 2: Saturday / Sunday
August 6 + 7, 2022

09.30 am - 01.00 pm

Including daily impulses 04.-07.08.22 from 2.30-3.15 p.m. with various lecturers!

Date: 04.-05.08. (part 1) // 06.-07.08.22 (part 2)
Fee: Part 1 or part 2: 140 € (136 € reduced) /  Total course: 250 € (225 € reduced)
Lecturer: Andrea Piccioni (Italy)

Frame drum - We recommend bringing a frame drum (recommended diameter 14"/16") without jingles that is comfortable to play in upright style and a tambourine.

Content of the course:

UPRIGHT STYLE (Hand to Hand method) for frame drums with and without jingles.

The workshop aims to explore the many possibilities in Upright style with the intention of expanding vocabulary and technical and expressive possibilities on drums with and without jingles.

Andrea's method, called "Hand to Hand," aims to focus into a unicum the one who plays and his instrument through technical, postural and expressive analysis. The reduction of tension, balance, alignment of the two cerebral hemispheres, and conscious use of the body make it possible to reduce the problems associated with the act of playing, creating an awareness that develops strength, speed, and precision. 

A true mindset aimed at aligning and focusing the mind, body and instrument. The style created by Andrea allows a simple frame drum to be used in a multitude of technical reworkings and rhythmic creations of great effectiveness and virtuosity, applicable to drums with and without jingles.

The two parts of the course are designed as a continuation of each other, so students may take part in all 4 days or choose one of the two parts.

Lnguage of instruction: English
Level: Intermediate = good previous knowledge in frame drum playing


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