Marla Leigh_photo by ellen schmauss

Frame Drum with Marla Leigh

Online: Zoom-Meeting
Lecturer: Marla Leigh (USA)
Instruments: Large Frame Drum, Tar, Mizhar, Riqq, ...
Course Content:

Welcome to the wonderful world of frame drums!
In this three-day intensive course we will cover the following:

1 - Basics: we will learn how to play basic beats on the frame drum in the three different playing styles: Upright, Lapstyle and Free Hand.

2 - Rhythms of the World: Here you will learn how to play commonly used traditional rhythms.

3 - Basic Music Skills- Learn basic music skills that will help you understand music and drumming.

4 -Techniques for successful drumming: You'll get essential tips for a good practice routine.

5 - "Let's Drum!" - Learn the basics of improvising, "jamming" and playing small collaborative pieces.

By the end of this workshop, you'll be able to pick up a frame drum and play!

Drum recommendations:
Ideal drums for these workshops are drums in two sizes:

Small size (14" - 16 for upright).
Medium or large size ( 16 - 22 for lap position or free hand style)
If you have only one drum it is no problem. We make everything groove!

Course Language: English
Level: Basic = little previous knowledge

Please note:

  • Lessons are held via zoom meeting. Some days before the start of the lessons we offer a free introduction into zoom. After registration we will send you more information.
  • You will get the zoom link for your lessons via email a few days before the start of the festival.
  • The programme overview of the daily Tamburi Channel will be published in July here on this website.

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