03.08._20h_Beispielbild_photo by Ellen Schmauss

Tamburi Mundi Frame Drum Project

Tuesday, 03.08.2021, 8 pm CEST

Location: E-Werk, Saal
Free entrance!

(We welcome donations for the work of the Frame Drum Academy!)

INFO: Also free live stream via Tamburi Mundi youtube channel (voluntary donation)

There is a lot going on on stage: own pieces, premieres, compositions and traditional rhythms and songs performed with accordion, piano, cello, oud, vocals, electronic sounds and of course with frame drums!

For several years now, Freiburg has been a training center for frame drum art. All participants of the graduating class are professionals who have perfected their playing on various frame drums at the Tamburi Mundi Frame Drum Academy. They present themselves internationally with their drumming art in various projects and on various stages. For this year's festival they have come together as a percussion ensemble and carry a specially compiled program in their luggage.

They will be supported by their drum colleagues from other years and Freiburg musicians, both as soloists and in larger ensembles.


Ulrich Eberhardt, Michał Pękosz, Karin Fleck, Francesco Magarò, Lorenzo D`Erasmo (4th year)
Thomas Wenk, Marliese Glück, Anka Hirsch (3rd year)
Christina Troeger, Tamara McCall, Nataya Pipatpan, Dina Diercks, Adrian Ils, Kathrin Nitsche (2nd year)
Kimia Bani, Fao Torres (Online Academy)



Karin Fleck - Accordion
Hadji Ahmand Abdelabi - Oud

Francesco Magarò - Percussion
Philipp Kurzke - Percussion


Musical direction: Murat Coşkun

Festival location: E-Werk Freiburg, Eschholzstr.77, 79106 Freiburg                                  Festival information: http://www.tamburimundi.com  / office@tamburimundi.com
Tickets: BZ’s main ticket office and regional ticket offices (phone: 0761 - 496 88 88), www.ewerk-freiburg.de