Thursday, 05.08.2021, 8 pm CEST

Location: E-Werk, Saal
18€ / 15€  (red.) / 23€ (Soli-Ticket)


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The concert evening "SpiRitual" is about spiritual and ritual music from different cultures. Rhythm, voice and drums play a central role.

Four musicians with roots in Algeria, the Comoros, Senegal and Turkey take the audience on a rhythmic journey of discovery.

Nawal Mlanao was born on the Comoros, an island state in the Indian Ocean. For her, music and spirituality have always belonged closely together. Many of the melodies of her songs originate from the Islamic-Arabic region and also refer to polyphonic rhythms of the African Bantu as well as the trance tradition of the Sufis. But influences from their new homeland France have also left their mark. Nawal sings most of the pieces, which oscillate between tradition and the urban present, in the Comorian language Shikomor.

The Senegalese singer and multi-instrumentalist Pape Dieye writes his own lyrics influenced by the "spirit" of Senegalese music, lyrical, philosophical. He interprets and embeds these songs in the multi-layered sound spectrum of his traditional African instruments.

Hadji Ahmed Abdelabi draws from the musical tradition of his home country Algeria and a fusion of traditional Sufi music, Arabic music and African rhythms of North Africa. As an oud player and singer, he presents traditional pieces with poetic-spiritual lyrics in his own interpretation.

Worldpercussionist Murat Coşkun seeks power in rhythms of different cultures. In addition to ritual rhythms from Turkey, he immerses himself in the shamanistic tradition of Korea, traditional rhythms from Sudan and Sufi rhythms from Iran.

Drums, melodies and singing go their own way on this evening and find each other in manifold ways.

Nawal Mlanao (Vocals, Gambusi, Guitar, Daf) – Paris/ Comoros
Pape Dieye (Guimbarde, Kesse-Kesse, Ngoni) – Freiburg/ Senegal
Hadji Ahmed Abdelabi (Oud, Vocals, Frame drums) – Freiburg/ Algeria
Murat Coşkun (Frame drums, Vocals) – Freiburg/ Turkey

The concert will be recorded by SWR 2

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