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Rhythms of Eurasia - Music between Europa and Asia

Sunday, 08.08.2021, 8 pm CEST

Location: E-Werk, Saal
20€ / 16€  (red.) / 25€ (Soli-Ticket)

INFO: Also free live stream via Tamburi Mundi youtube channel (voluntary donation)


The concert evening takes us on a musical journey: The award-winning and exceptional clarinettist Annette Maye from Cologne, artist in residence Francesco Magarò on piano as well as world percussionist Murat Coşkun on various frame drums and other percussion instruments take us from the Balkans via Azerbaijan and Ukraine back to southern Europe to Italy's boot tip. Their original compositions combine pulsating rhythms with oriental melodies and virtuoso improvisations. The trio will be supported by the Spanish percussionist Pere Olivé, who masters traditional rhythms and special playing styles of historical music with incredible stylistic confidence.

The rest of the program will feature music from Georgia, the interface between Europe and Asia, with works by Zulkhan Zinzadze. Murat Coşkun and the string quartet of the Camerata Academica Freiburg will give an insight into their new CD, on which they interpret pieces by the Georgian composer, who has transformed folkloristic dance motifs of his homeland into "miniatures".

The String Quartet will be joined by one or the other musician, transforming a playful dance style into a rhythmic-musical moment of surprise.

Camerata String Quartet:

Martina Wündrich - violin
Vera von Kap-Herr - violin
Anne-Françoise Guezingar - viola
Georg Rudiger - cello

Annette Maye - clarinets
Murat Coşkun - frame drum, percussion
Francesco Magarò - piano, percussion
Special guest: Pere Olivé - frame drum, percussion

Festival location: E-Werk Freiburg, Eschholzstr.77, 79106 Freiburg                                  Festival information:  /
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