North African Quilt

Saturday, 31.07.2021, 8 pm CEST

Location: E-Werk, Saal
18€ / 15€  (red.) / 23€ (Soli-Ticket)

INFO: Also free live stream via Tamburi Mundi youtube channel (voluntary donation)


Rhani Krija is without a doubt a world-class percussionist who is at home on the main stages of this world. The charismatic musician from Cologne with Moroccan roots is characterized by his strong affinity with North African music, whereby his musical repertoire covers the entire range of traditional Arabic and North African rhythms, Latin style, reggae and pop. We are very happy to have Rhani Krija, who has already been a guest at the very first Tamburi Mundi Festival, with us once again!

Mohcine Ramadan, a Moroccan-born Gembri player and singer (world music ensemble JISR, Embryo) is at his side with earthy, bassy beats and provides the bluesy soul.

The Algerian percussionist and proven expert for polyrhythmic groove Salim Beltitane adds another color to the North African sound kaleidoscope. Thereby traditionally inspired pieces alternate with modern compositions, so that in the end a multilayered percussive knotwork (made of real handwork!) emerges.

Rhani Krija - frame drum, darbuka, percussion setup, electronics
Mohcine Ramadan - vocal, gembri (marokkan bass instrument), ngori
Salim Beltitane - bendir, darbuka, percussion

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