06.08._20 Uhr_photos by Liudmila Jeremies, privat and Yoshi Toscani

Moves & Grooves

Friday, 06.08.2021, 8 pm CEST

CHANGE due to illness:
Bettina Castaño (dance) and Espina (guitar) will perform instead of the McCall Trio!

Location: E-Werk, Saal
18€ / 15€  (red.) / 23€ (soli ticket)

INFO: Also free live stream via Tamburi Mundi youtube channel (voluntary donation)


Rhythm, groove, movement and dance belong together. That’s why a separate evening will be dedicated to this ancient symbiosis.

The result is a program specially designed for this concert, in which hopefully not only the actors on stage will feel the rhythm in their limbs:

Dancer and rhythmist Tamara McCall has caught drum fire, incorporating frame drum and percussion into her powerfully delicate performance.

Brazilian percussionist Gilson de Assis humorously mixes elements of body percussion with playing on pandeiro and berimbao.

Tajik drumming on the traditional doira is unthinkable without acrobatic interludes. Doira virtuoso and master drummer Khayrullo Dadoboev, together with his duo partner Uta Schilling, makes his drums dance and fly with full physical effort.

Two family trios show cross-generational groove and the pianist Oliver McCall has his own compositions for piano and frame drums in his luggage, which he will perform together with festival director Murat Coşkun.

Gilson de Assis - pandeiro, berimbau, percussion

Tamara McCall - frame drum, dance
Oliver McCall - piano
Luis McCall - clarinet

Murat Coşkun - frame drum, percussion
Yaşar Coşkun - frame drum, percussion
Malika Coşkun - frame drum, accordion

Khayrullo Dadoboev - doira
Uta Schilling - doira

photos: Luidmila Jeremies, privat and Yoshi Toscani

special guests:

photos by Ellen Schmauss

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Tickets: BZ’s main ticket office and regional ticket offices (phone: 0761 - 496 88 88), www.ewerk-freiburg.de