Maghreb-Rhythms with Salim Beltitane

Online: Zoom-Meeting
Time: Wednesday, 04.08.21, 5 - 8 pm CEST
Lecturer: Salim Beltitane (Algeria/France)
Instruments: Riqq, Bendir, Darbuka, ...
Course Content:

North African music is still not sufficiently known to the public, and it is still not given the importance it deserves. Yet the music of the Maghreb is extremely appealing, especially because of its Berber, African, Oriental, Ottoman and Western influences.
It is also divided into several levels of repertoire: the profane and the sacred, as well as the scholarly and the popular.

In this workshop, participants:inside will have a great opportunity to learn basic rhythms from the Maghreb. The workshop is divided into three sessions:

  • Moroccan rhythms (Chaabi music)
  • Algerian rhythms (Amazigh music)
  • Tunisian rhythms (Bedui music)           

The workshop puts a special emphasis on the North African frame drum Bendir. The focus is on the musical context, the North African approach, basic beats, technical aspects as well as rhythms and composition!

Course Language: English
Level: Medium = basic knowledge on frame drums, darbuka or riqq

Please note:

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  • You will get the zoom link for your lessons via email a few days before the start of the festival.
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