Ganesh Kumar_by Ellen Schmauss

Kanjira with Ganesh Kumar

Online: Zoom-Meeting
Instructor: Ganesh Kumar (India)
Time: Monday, 02.08.21, 10 am - 1 pm CEST
Instruments: Kanjira
Content of the course:

Ganesh Kumar Kanjira - Indian Frame Drum Class covers the following areas like :

  * Split Finger techniques & methods

  * Development of Groove

  * Vocal Percussion  Syllables & Compositions

  * Accompaniment skills

  * Playing odd time Signatures as  5 1/4,  7 3/4 etc.,

  * Solo playing and improvisation

  * Practice Exercises

The workshop is full of class participation and can be attended by anyone with any frame drum of their choice.

Ganesh will lead the class through various Rhythmical patterns used in Indian classical music and show many of the techniques that allow one to display the unique speciality that Indian Hand drumming displays.

Language of instruction: English
Level: Intermediate = Good knowledge on the given instrument or on other frame drums


Please note:

  • Lessons are held via zoom meeting. Some days before the start of the lessons we offer a free introduction into zoom. After registration we will send you more information.
  • You will get the zoom link for your lessons via email a few days before the start of the festival.
  • The programme overview of the daily Tamburi Channel will be published in July here on this website.

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