Andrea Piccioni_photo by Sebastian Schutyser

"Hand-to-Hand" technique (upright style) with Andrea Piccioni

Online: Zoom-Meeting
Time: Monday, 02.08.21, 5 - 8 pm CEST
Lecturer: Andrea Piccioni (Italy)
Instruments: frame drums
Course Content:

Mind-body-instrument relationship, mindset, breathing, these are the pillars of my method. The mind-body-instrument relationship is the first pillar, and it is possible to obtain it through a position of the body and of the instrument that allows to flow freely with both hands in a symmetrical and equal position, so as to greatly increase the spectrum of sounds and technical applications, I call this approach "hand to hand style". The mindset, the right mental attitude, the second pillar of the method, implies a focused and quiet mental attitude, based on scientific evidence that proves that the mind and the mindset greatly influence the quality of practice and consequently the technical and musical development, a correct mindset dramatically increases the learning time and consolidates the processes within the most complex techniques and compositions. Breathing, the basis of the life of all of us, is perhaps the least practiced and consolidated event in our practice, but a correct oxygenation is able to activate an absolute ability to focus and put in axis the triad mind-body-instrument, and this generates miracles in musical terms!

My method aims to break down all the barriers that prevent the personal growth, and not imitative, of the individual musician, discovering himself and others in a new awareness and opening the door to all our innate abilities. To explain the power of the mind I would like to quote Henry Ford who one day said, "...whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right."

Course Language English
Level: Intermediate = basic knowledge on frame drums


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