Persian Daf with Kimia Bani

Online: Zoom-Meeting
Time: Wednesday, 04.08.21, 10 am - 1 pm CEST
Lecturer: Kinia Bani (Germany/Iran)
Instruments: Daf
Course Content: The course in basic level, meets all the requirements of the participants and includes the basic principles of techniques.
Participants will learn about Daf history and Daf structure.
Also they will practice how to hold the Daf.
They will be able to read and play  three basic strokes of the Daf which are:
Dum (Tom)  exercises + notation
Tak (Back)  exercises + notation
Ka (Chap)  exercises + notation

We will continue the course with practicing the strokes by combining them and doing some strokes combination exercises.
Finally we will finish the course with an unforgettable memory of playing one of the Iranian Maqams named "Hayyallah"
Course Language: English
Level: beginner/basic = No or little previous knowledge on the specified instrument

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