Berkant Çakıcı (Russland/Türkei)

Berkant Çakıcı (Russia/Turkey)

Born to a father of Damascus descent and having been introduced to def at the age of ten, Berkant Çakıcı is a master of percussion who was involved in the “Bach A L’orientale” project along with Anjelika Akbar and accompanied Aziza Mustafa Zadeh for a series of concerts.  He divides his time between Moscow and Izmir. He participates in Jazz festivals all over the world including Ukraine, Poland, Berlin and Beirut. He plays various world music rhythm instruments, mainly Dhollo, Talking Drum, Def- Riq, Kanjire, and Bendir. Taking his place among the World Masters of Middle Eastern Rhythms by merging Turkish music style with Arabic and Indian musical rhythms, especially when playing Def (riq) and Dhollo, to create his new techniques, Berkant Çakıcı gives Masterclass lessons in cities such as Vienna, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Batum, Tbilisi as a part of university and cultural activities. He takes inspiration from musical styles and musicians from various cultures. He got invitations from 25 countries and 85 different world cities after being invited to Munich, Germany for a Masterclass. Today, he works with groups and projects such as Du, Du Ali Peret’s, Abarjazz, and Hubb Percussion Project. Berkant Çakıcı breaths a new life to music and rhythm and continues his musical journey with the motto "The rhythm of this universe is the rhythm of the heart."