PRESSEFOTO_BodyCussion_Anita Gritsch u. Murat Coskun_30.07._photos privat u. Ellen Schmauss

Opening: BodyCussion

Friday, 30.07.2021, 8 pm CEST

Location: E-Werk, Saal
15€ / 12€  (reduced) / 20€ (Soli-Ticket)

INFO: Also free live stream via Tamburi Mundi youtube channel (voluntary donation)


Body Music meets Percussion - Anita Gritsch & Murat Coşkun

Seven "islands" will be traveled to this evening: places of longing, places of escape, exotic destinations, fantasy spuns, everyday islands and sinking places that until now offered security. The protagonists of this performance have nothing more and nothing less than their bodies and their percussive instruments at their disposal: Sound carpets, sounds, grooves that festival director and world percussionist weaves with his frame drums. In addition, movement, voice and an amazingly multifaceted body sound, which his duo partner, the Austrian body musician Anita Gritsch energetically and intensively stages. The audience is taken along into the tension between movement, rest, rhythm, sound and energy.

"BodyCussion" is a premiere and a rousing opening of the 16th International Tamburi Mundi Festival!

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