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Frame Drum Course (3rd year) - Main Course

Postgraduate studies (2nd year) - Start: 29.01.2021
Main study (3rd year) - Start: 05.02.2021
Final year (4th year) - Start: 14.02.2021

Head: Murat Coşkun
Lecturers: Murat Coskun, Philipp Kurzke and guest lecturers

Scope and structure


  • Four pre-session weekends in Freiburg i. Breisgau á 15 hrs.
  • Accompanying online lessons totaling 8 hours per phase
  • One exam weekend on site in Freiburg

Total of 92 teaching hours

In addition, there will be regular homework checks with personal coaching by the lecturers during the academic year.

Dates 2021 /22

1st phase 05.02-13.04.21
2nd phase 23.04.-08.06.21
3rd phase 02.07.-28.09.21
4th phase 15.10.-12.12.21

Final exam  15.+16.01.2022

Participants / Target group

The contents of our training units in the 3rd year are aimed primarily at musicians who work in the professional and semi-professional field: Drummers, percussionists, rhythmists and other musicians who already integrate percussion into their work and want to deepen and expand their knowledge of frame drums.


  • Successful completion of the advanced course (2nd year).
  • A lateral entry is possible after consultation with the instructor (Murat Coskun) and an entrance examination.

Basically, the course requires the willingness to practice and deepen the contents in independent work on a daily basis. In addition, homework will be assigned at intervals of one to two weeks, which should be completed in a timely manner.


At the end of the 10-month postgraduate course there is a final examination. For successful participation, the participants receive a certificate with a detailed list of the training contents. Participants must have been present at least 75% of the time.


Frame drum course main course: 1200.- EUR // 1080,- EUR (reduced)
This does not include accommodation and food costs.
The course fees can be paid in three installments if desired.

How do I register?
The best way is by phone or e-mail. We will clarify everything else in a personal meeting. After that we will send you a written and binding registration.

The final decision as to whether the registered person has sufficient prior knowledge for the second year of the course is made by means of an entrance examination.

Course location, accommodation and catering
The course takes place on the premises of the Freiburg University of Education (Institute of Music). The participants are responsible for organizing their own accommodation and meals. However, we can assist in finding suitable overnight accommodations if necessary.


Instruments will be provided free of charge, some of them can be taken home for practicing.

More info, contact and registration

Tamburi Mundi Freiburg e.V.

Tel.: +49 176 2021 2826 (Murat Coşkun)