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Frame Drum Course (1st Year) - Basic Course

Head: Murat Coşkun
Lecturers: Murat Coşkun, Philipp Kurzke and guest lecturers

Information on the basic course

In the basic course, the participants should receive good and well-founded basic knowledge, as well as impulses so that they can develop their own individual playing and find their own way. The focus in the first year will be on rhythm work and "timing".

The lessons will be primarily in groups, with occasional individual lessons. In addition to the "main classes", which will be led by Philipp Kurzke and Murat Coşkun, guest lecturers will be invited to teach special topics.

In addition to the predefined topics (see below), participants also have the opportunity to indicate "desired topics", which can be taken into account if necessary.

The training starts with a minimum of 6 participants. The aim is to guarantee the work in the group, but also to offer individual support to all participants.

Content of the lessons

The focus is on the practical application of different frame drum instruments with emphasis on: playing technique, rhythms, ensemble playing, arrangements, compositions, frame drumming in different musical contexts (e.g. traditional music, baroque music, jazz etc.), solo/improvisational playing, accompaniment of other instruments or dance, expansion of the sound spectrum (sounds, dynamics), extended and innovative playing possibilities, warm-up exercises and practical tips, notation as well as background knowledge about instruments, cultures of origin and also the music associated with them. In addition, we will also incorporate our own creativity. Making music together will also be an integral part of the training. The participants will receive teaching material, and "homework" will also serve to prepare them more specifically for the individual teaching phases.

Scope and structure

  • Four face-to-face weekends in Freiburg (Breisgau) à 15 hrs.
  • Accompanying online lessons totalling 8 hrs. per phase
  • One exam weekend on site in Freiburg

    Total of 92 teaching hrs.

In addition, there will be regular homework checks with personal coaching by the lecturers.

Participants /target group

The contents of our training units in the first year are primarily aimed at artistically and musically active and interested people as well as professional groups in the pedagogical environment, i.e. musicians working in the professional and semi-professional field, artists, actors, dancers, but also people interested in rhythm who want to integrate frame drumming into their work as well as teachers, pedagogues, group leaders, educators.


  • Good basic knowledge of the frame drum
  • Knowledge of some basic rhythms (at least 4-6 rhythms)
  • Basic knowledge of reading music and notation
  • Sufficient coordination and flexibility
  • Willingness to practise and deepen the contents in independent work.


At the end of the basic course there is a final examination. For successful participation, participants receive a certificate with a detailed list of the training contents. Participants must be present at least 75% of the time.


Frame drum basic course: 1200,- EUR // 1080,- EUR (reduced)

The course fees can also be paid in three instalments if desired. Accommodation and board costs are not included.

For Germans: Tipps zur Finanzierung: Bildungsprämie des Bundesministeriums für Forschung und Bildung - Mehr Infos! 

How do I register?

The best way is by phone or e-mail. We will clarify everything else in a personal conversation. Afterwards, we will send you a written and binding registration.

Course location, accomodation and meals

The course takes place in the premises of the Freiburg University of Education (Institute of Music). Participants are responsible for organising their own accommodation and meals. However, we can help you find suitable accommodation if necessary.


Instruments are provided free of charge and some can also be taken home for practice.

More info, contact and registration

Tamburi Mundi Freiburg e.V.

Phone: +49 179 9259 430 (Ulrike Kudla)