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After the successful completion of the basic course (1st year) of the frame drum seminar, you have the possibility to continue your studies:
Advances course (2nd year) - Start: 17th of January 2020
Main course (3rd year) - Start: 7th of February 2020
Final year (4th year)

Directions: Murat Coşkun
Lecturers: Murat Coşkun, Philipp Kurzke and guest lecturers

Number of lessons and structure (advanced course, 2nd year)

4 weekends of 16 hours each
+ participation in the courses during the Tamburi Mundi Festival + 1 additional workshop
1 examination weekend

Total duration 92 hours

In addition, homework will be checked regularly by the lecturers throughout the academic year (including personal coaching).

Dates 2020

17th -19th of January  
13th - 15th of March  
22nd - 24th of May  
End of July/beginning of August   Classes as part of the Tamburi Mundi Festival
16th - 18th of October  
18th+ 19th of December Final exams

Participants / Target group

The contents of our training units in the second year aim at musicians working in the professional or semi-professional field: drummers, percussionists, rhythmists and other musicians who already integrate percussion in their work and who would like to deepen and broaden their knowledge in the field of frame drums.


  • Succsessful completion of the basic course (1st year)

    A lateral entry is possible after consultation with the lecturer (Murat Coskun) and an entrance examination.

          For this, the following precognitions are required:

  • Good basic knowledge on at least 3-4 different frame drums, e.g. Lapstyle, Upright Position, Freehand Style, bell tambourine (Riqq or Tamburello)
  • Sufficient coordination skills and flexibility.

In general, the course requires the willigness to practice and deepen the course content independently on a daily basis. Additionally, homework is given in intervalls of one or two weeks and should be completed in a timely manner.

Final exam

At the end of the 12-month advanced course there will be a written and practical exam. After successful completion the participants receive a participation with detailed information on the course content. The participants must have been present at least 75% of the time.

Course fees (advanced course, 12 months)

Frame drum seminar advanced course: 1200.- EUR  // 1080,- EUR (reduced)

This does not include accommodation and meals costs.
The course fees can also be paid in installments if desired.

Tips for financing your studies: Education bonus of the Federal Ministry of Research and Education - more information!