ATTENTION! Frame drum-friends:
Tamburi Mundi is searching for the „Super-drummer“!

Tamburi Mundi Sponsorship Award 2012

Sponsored by Schlagwerk Percussion
Initiator and artistic leader: Murat Coskun

For the first time this year, Tamburi Mundi Festival will award a „Frame Drummer Promotion Price“, supported by Schlagwerk-Percussion. The tender invitations are addressed to professional and non-professional frame drum players while any types of frame drums are allowed. For example: Big frame drums, Bodhran, Tar, Pandeiro, Bendir, Riqq, Daf, Tamburello, Kanjira, Davul and so on. There are no particular handicaps in view of music styles like world music, folk, jazz or classic. With this tender invitation, frame drummers will be offered a new platform. You, the artists will have the opportunity to present yourself at the frame drum festival while gathering new contacts. 

You are professional or non-professional percussionists and have selected the frame drums as one of your main instruments in your instrument equipment.

This competition is No up-and-coming competition. All professional and non-professional frame drum players may apply for this competition. 
From a participation excluded are percussionists who include the frame drum merely as “side instruments” in their repertoire. 

Course of organization for the competition:
A- Your application, together with the required forms must be sent to the application office at by May 15th 2012. 
(Information regarding application files (see below))  
B- During the qualifying round, three finalists will be selected and will be invited for the August 1st competition concert at the E-Werk.
Information pertaining to the competition criteria of the qualifying round – see below)
C- During the finale on August first at the E-Werk in Freiburg will the winner of the promotion award 2012 be determined among the three finalists in a public competition concert.  
(Information regarding the finale competition criteria (see below)). 
An expert jury, together with the audience will decide the winner.

Application forms
We intend to design the application for you, the musicians as un-bureaucratic and with a least amount of expenditure as possible. For your admission however, we require the following binding records which must be submitted to the festival office:
- Vita including name, age, type of frame drum(s), list of possible additional used instrument(s), musical education, projects, bands…
- Demonstration video with at least two solo titles and of at least 8 min total length (as DVD or as an Internet link)
- Demonstration video with at least two titles in an ensemble and of at least 8 min total length (as DVD or as an Internet link)
- Current photos in paper or jpg data
- A list of hitherto stage appearances
The sound carriers (demo CD/ video) must correctly mirror the work of the individual musician. In order to be accepted, the application files must be complete.  

Evaluation criteria for the qualifying round:
During the qualifying round, the following criteria will be evaluated by an expert jury:
• Solo mastery of the instrument (musician’s virtuosity)
• Musical creativity respectively originality
• Musician’s multilayered repertoire 
• The ensemble play: rhythm accompanist

In the given case, the jury reserves the right to invite less than 3 competitors to Freiburg.

For the competition concert, the three finalists will have the following tasks:
- Solo presentation (approximately 5-8 minutes)
- 2 Duo pieces, one of those an own composition, with each one of the two finalists 
- 1 piece with a larger ensemble

The following criteria will be valued at the finale of the competition concert:
• Solo mastery of the instrument (musician’s virtuosity)
• Musical creativity respectively originality
• Stage dramaturge, multilayered repertoire
• Ensemble playing as rhythm accompanist
• Stage presence of musicians, performance quality, appearance, 
• Musical concept (composition, arrangement, stylistic confidence


The three finalists of the qualifying round will receive:
-    A travelling contribution of up to maximum 100 EUR per person.
-    Free accommodation in private lodgings
-    Free catering with the Tamburi Mundi artists
-    A stage performance within the frame of the competition concert.
-    The free-of-cost participation during the entire Tamburi Mundi Festival  Program 2012

The winner of the evening will be awarded with:
-    A performance as guest musician at the „Tamburi Mundi Festival on Tour“,   April 23. 2013 at the Festspielhaus, St. Pölten (Austria)
-    A frame drum from Schlagwerk
-    A special photo shooting with our festival photographer, Ellen Schmauss
-    An exclusive interview with the percussion magazine OffBeat
-    Additional promotion activities within the frame of Tamburi Mundi

The application period is from February 15. - May 15. 2012

Three finalists have already been selected at the end of May by a jury in a preliminary decision:

Florian_Bronk2_-_Kopie  Florian Bronk (GERMANY)

foto_pere_olive_-_Kopie  Pere Olivé Aymarich (SPANIEN)

michael_ohlinger-photo-by-archiv  Michael Ohlinger (USA)