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Mallets & Frame Drums - David Friedman/Murat Coskun - 29.7.

Workshop David Friedman/ Murat Coşkun: An interaction of mallet instruments and frame drums

Time: Saturday 29.7.2017, 10 - 13 h
Location: E-Werk, Freiburg (Germany)
Course fee: 45,- €



David Friedman (USA/Deutschland)

The internationally renowned jazz vibraphonist David Friedman is one of the most important and most creative artists in the history of this instrument. With his musical visions he opened new dimensions to the vibraphone play. He fascinated and inspired many other musicians worldwide.

Murat Coşkun (Deutschland/Türkei)

"Connecting cultures"- this is the guiding principle and the vision of the internationally renowned frame drummer Murat Coşkun. In a very skillful way, he mediates between the musical worlds of Orient and Occident. He scoops out of his great musical repertoire of different cultures and he is engaged in many different musical styles like world music, classic, old music, jazz and contemporary music.


Instruments: marimbaphone, vibraphone, frame drums
Content of the course:

During this workshop, David Friedman will give some suggestions of how to play rhythmic compositions and unusual patterns on vibraphone and marimba and he will also offer some models for improvisation.

Murat Coşkun demonstrates some possibilities, how to accompany mallet instruments with frame drums or other hand drums. He furthermore shows, how to play together in an interactive way.

The course addresses to mallet players and hand drummers, who'd like to extend their musical horizon.

Please indicate which instrument you play: marimba, vibraphone, frame drum or other percussion instruments. Thank you!

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Language of instruction: German/English
Level: Medium: Experience in playing mallets and frame drums


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