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Frame Drum Academy - Course information
photos by Ellen Schmauss

Frame Drum Academy - Courses with Tamburi Mundi

The Tamburi Mundi Festival is known for its versatile course offer (Frame Drum Academy):

Courses for different frame drums, traditional Oriental, Persian, Italian, Mediterranian, Brazilian or South-Indian rhythms, modern grooves and challenging compositions for frame drums. Additionally there are courses connecting frame drum playing with singing and motion. Because of last years enthousiastic feedback, a choir project again in 2017 will enrich our program.

Who wants to immerge into the fascinating world of frame drums during the Tamburi Mundi Festival has the choice between different offers, which also can be combined:




Our courses are offered in four different levels:



In this course, basic playing techniques and rhythms on often used frame drums will be teached. The course is suitable for participants bringing musical and rhythmical precognition- also on other instruments.

Instruments will be provided!


Those courses adress to people with little experience in frame drum playing or with musical and rhythmical precognition on other instruments (Niveau BASIC).

The courses also fit for those who already possess some experience and have a good practice in frame drum playing (Niveau MEDIUM).
The lecturers will teach the group in a differentiated way responding to both of the levels.


If possible, please bring your own instruments; for exceptional cases please contact


This course adresses to frame drummers with good precognition and a solid experience in frame drum playing. Beating techniques and a good rhythmical practise should be existing.

With regard to contents, the amplification of playing techniques, the acquistion of new and ambitious rhythms and the refinement of the musical expression will mainly be treated. In this regard each lecturer off course sets his own focus.

If possible, please bring your own instruments; for exceptional cases please contact


For these courses an advanced playing technique with regular practise is expected. They only adress to very experienced frame drummers.

Please bring your own instruments; for exceptional cases please contact


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