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Artist in Residence 2017

Artist in Residence 2017: Takashi Tajima (Japan)

We are happy to present this year's Tamburi Mundi Artist in Residence, the Japanese percussionist and multi-instrumentalist Takashi Tajima!

We are looking forward to this outstanding, creative musician and to great concert projects with him!

Takashi tells us a bit about himself and his way to become a frame drummer:

"I started keyboard instruments from the age of 5. I was interested in every instrument. And I liked composing. Then I started to learn the drum set auto-didactically. I started to learn tuba, clarinet, flute and trombone at the age of 13. Later on, I learned to play the guitar by myself at the age of 20.

I'd like to tell you why I started with the tambourine....It is a very strange story... I watched a video of "Mr. BIG" (a very famous rock band in America). The guitarist (Paul Gilbert) used to play with an electric drill. I tried using my hand like a drill when playing the tambourine. In doing so, I managed the 4 stroke roll. Soon after, I played a lot by myself in using the techniques of the various instruments I practice.

In Japan, there was no player like me. Japanese people think Tambourine is a children's hobby. The world of tambourine and frame drums....It didn't know anyone. Therefore, I had no teacher, I learned by myself. My teachers are music and instruments. I decided to play only tambourine (and all the frame drums) and to finish with the other instruments. My aim is to make it more popular and make more people know its potential. So, I created a special tambourine in 2009. With pitch bend of two octaves or more, snare system and jingles control.....etc., like Carlo Rizzo's instrument.

I held solo recitals over the world of tambourine and frame drums. Otherwise, I play jazz, baroque music , rock, classical and European folk music (musette, tarantella, traditional Spanish music etc. ), tango , experimental (with contemporary dance). I play tambourine and frame drums with KAGURA (

One day, Layne Redmond wrote about me on her page and I heard about Tamburi Mundi.

Tamburi Mundi is a very, very beautiful festival. The best. The musicians come from many different countries. So many people meet there on this joyful occasion. I think it is the most peaceful place in the world. I learned there a lot about music, rhythm, kindness, ideas, friendship, etc.... There is a frame drum association and a frame drum community in Japan. But there is no festival... I hope to one day participate in a frame drum festival in Japan..."
(Takashi Tajima)

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